Cased Miniature 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger (#29336)



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This rare cased miniature was obtained in Germany and features a blue leatherette hinged case measuring 11″ x 6 1/2″ with silver metal Luftwaffe eagle attached to the exterior lid inside an impressed border. Case grades EX/EX+, showing light surface wear but no rips or tears to the leatherette. Interior lid is covered in padded off-white silk showing minor age staining with lower section covered in black velvet and custom fitted to hold the follwing item:

Alcoso ACS scales TM. This miniature dagger measuring 10 ¼” in overall length features silver-plated hilt fittings showing only minor wear with dark age patina to well detailed oak leaf pommel and swastika. Army pattern ferrule as used by Alcoso and crossguard with Luftwaffe eagle. Dark orange solid celluloid grip is perfect with no cracks or chips and nicely age toned darker on the obverse. Complete with tight twisted wire wrap. Plated blade measuring approximately 6 3/8” in length grades EX++ showing light surface wear/runner marks but no nicks or damage to the cutting edges. Blade is complete with original blue felt buffer pad. Dent-free silver-plated scabbard shows dark age patina with much factory lacquer remaining with superb detail to the oak leaf embellished suspension bands complete with rings.

Attached to the velvet beneath the dagger is an aluminum pattern Luftwaffe visor cap eagle and a portion of a 1939 Iron Class 2nd Class ribbon affixed across the lower right corner of the case.