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Colored Allach Porcelain Reclining Dachshund Puppy (#28416)


Maker: Allach/Th. Karner; Condition:MINT; CONSIGNMENT

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An example of this colored figure is shown in the 1938/39 “Porzellan Manufaktur Allach München” catalog as Nr. 1, “Junger Dackel, Liegend”. Figure measures approximately 9cm high x 18cm wide and features a Dachshund puppy lying down looking to his right with legs folded beneath the body. Figure is beautifully colored in light brown/tan with dark nose and large dark eyes and delicately sculpted paws. Figure is marked on the bottom with green intertwined SS Runes and “Allach” inside a raised octagon beneath the name of the sculptor, “Prof. Th. Kärner” and “1” impressed into the porcelain. Rare, perfect example recently obtained from an advanced Allach collection. MINT (28416) Consignment