Deluxe Cased Miniature 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger (#29116)



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SMF, SOLINGEN DRGM with seated King TM.   This beautiful salesman sample features aluminum hilt fittings and orange grip showing only minor surface wear primarily to reverse. Silver, double wire wrap is complete and shows no wear or damage. Plated blade grades EX++ showing only minor surface wear and no nicks or cuts to the cutting edge. Blade is very nicely etched with advertising logo: “HUPPELD – ZIMMERMANN A – G. Scabbard shows light wear and comes complete with scabbard rings. Deluxe presentation case shows only light wear and one scuff to exterior but, no major damage to exterior and interior. Locking devices are the deluxe versions with round button catch and silver attachment plate. Interior black velvet is properly designed and cut for the dagger and scabbard and fits precisely. Interior velvet is undamaged showing no cuts or separation along inside hinge. Velvet is also of the deluxe variety featuring padded interior and matches hinge cover. Cased SMF salesman sample daggers are the most difficult of all miniatures to locate and most desirable.