Imperial Edged Weapons

Early Imperial Hunting Hirschfänger w/Skinning Knife & Belt (#30210)



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No Maker. A similar Hirschfänger is pictured on page 266 of ­Collecting The Edged Weapons of Imperial Germany. Heavy steel hilt fittings show minor surface wear to the factory darkening on the scalloped pommel/hilt/spine/ferrule, ornate crossguard with ribbed quillon block and stylized, floral-ribbed quillons. The scalloped clamshell features a raised European bear head pinned to center within a raised oval border surrounded by oak leaves. Dark brown stag horn grip plates retained by three steel rivets show light age with no cracks or chip and are scalloped at the upper end to match the shape of the pommel/spine. Plain, broad, plated blade with a 3” long false edge, measuring 11 1/8” long, 1 5/8” wide and 5/16” thick at the upper edge, grades VG+ with surface wear/runner marks gray spotting/shadowing and several tiny nick to the lightly sharpened cutting edge. Blade is complete with green felt buffer pad. Dark reddish-brown, smooth leather covered scabbard shows minor surface wear and a few scratches, but no rips or tears and no damage to the reverse stitching. Dent-free, heavy, factory darkened scabbard fittings with incised decorative lines show light wear only with no surface damage. Upper fitting features two side-mounted suspension clips and is formed to accept the 8” long skinning knife with undamaged stag horn grip and EX/EX+, plain steel, sharpened blade. Tan leather, adjustable, belt grades EX and is complete with two metal belt loops which can be joined to form a buckle and are held together with an “S” shaped clip in the form of a serpent. Attached to the belt is a double-strap hanger with stiffened loops at the lower end which can be slipped over suspension clips. RARE, early, heavy hirschfänger complete with skinning knife and belt/hanger. EX+. CONSIGNMENT