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“Fake or Real” by Ray Cowdery- All New Edition!! (29698)


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Completely revised with comprehensive new information and full-color photos comparing originals, reproductions and fakes of every kind to aid you in detection! Subjects include Bevo insignia, daggers, caps, helmets, badges, field marshal batons and much more. Explore the myth of the RZM, and industrial view of German militaria and museums, and the art and science of the fakers, along with “then and now” photos of many famous Third Reich buildings and places. With 50+ years of expertise on the subject in both Europe and the U.S. and a background in museum management, the author pulls no punches! A must for all serious Third Reich students and collectors, with 96 pages and over 200 full color and 50 period photos. JRB&M recommended.

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