Government Official’s Dagger with Rare Hangers and Portepee (#30778)


Maker: Eickhorn; Condition: Near MINT

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Carl Eickhorn, Solingen, etched squirrel-holding-sword TM.  Although both the Eickhorn and Alcoso Firms produced Government Official’s Daggers, the Eickhorn produced daggers are much rarer than the Alcoso daggers. Silver-plated hilt fittings show light surface wear with dark, gun-metal gray age patina to the eagle head pommel, backstrap, ferrule and crossguard, with the more up-turned tips on the eagle’s wings as found on Eickhorn produced daggers. Simulated mother-of-pearl grip plates are perfect with no cracks, chips, or damage. Mirror polished blade grades EX++/near MINT showing only light surface wear/runner marks. The blade is complete with the original brown leather buffer pad.  The dent-free, silver-plated scabbard shows virtually no wear with dark, gun-metal gray age patina, matching the hilt fittings with superb detail to the oak leaf embellished suspension bands. The scabbard throat is the thicker pattern as used on Eickhorn produced Army daggers and is secured by two side-mounted, headless screws. The dagger is complete with original portepee in EX++ condition, as well as the very rare matching hangers in EX+/EX++ condition and marked “U.E. 10 RZM” and “D.R.G.M” to reverse. NOTE: JRB&M has not, and will not, disassemble this dagger to inspect for internal markings. A very rare dagger in even rarer near MINT condition!

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