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K/98 Bayonet w/Clear Celluloid Grips & Frog


maker: E.u.F. Horster TM.
condition: EX
item number:25350

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K/98 Bayonet with Clear Celluloid Grips and Frog. E.u.F.Hörster TM. Blued steel hilt fittings show only minor wear to pommel and crossguard with reverse pommel double Waffenamt stamped, “WaA255” with a matching stamp on the pommel spine below the pommel slot. The clear celluloid grip plates show minor wear with no cracks or chips and no age staining. Blued steel blade grades EX+EX++ retaining approximately 95% of bluing, and showing light surface wear/runner marks and a spot of oxidation on the lower obverse/reverse where runners have rested against the flats of the blade. Obverse ricasso is stamped, “767” with spine stamped, “39”. Dent free steel scabbard retains only traces or bluing with upper obverse stamped, “3483” over a script “u” and with reverse stamped, “42 c v l”. Reverse scabbard ball is Waffenamt stamped. Black leather, triple-stitched, 4-rivet frog with grip strap grades EX showing surface wear/age, but no rips, tears or damage to rivets or stitching. EX/EX+ (25350) $175.