Labor Corps (RAD) Enlisted Dagger (#29093)


Maker: Ed Wusthof Solingen; Condition: NEAR MINT CONSIGNMENT

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Marked ED WUSTHOF, SOLINGEN with trident in double oval and the letters R, A, J and D in a triangle. Beautiful, evenly patinated nickel silver hilt fittings show almost no wear and no damage. Blade grades  EX++ showing runner marks only and no nicks or cuts to cutting edge. The desirable blued scabbard also shows matching patination with 100% anodization present throughout the scabbard shell. Dagger is complete with leather hanger marked LUNESCHLOSS, SOLINGEN and the letters R, A, J, and D in a triangle. Metal clip is also marked with stylized “A”, “A & S” and the letters R, A, J, and D in a triangle with the number “35”.  Hanger shows light wear only with no damage.  CONSIGNMENT  SOLD