Long Third Reich Municipal Police Bayonet w/Double TM & Frog (#26726)


maker:Large ACS Scales (obverse) and Alexander Coppel in an arc above ACS Scales Solingen (reverse)TM.
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Long Third Reich Municipal Police Bayonet w/Double TM & Frog. Large ACS Scales (obverse) and Alexander Coppel in an arc above ACS Scales Solingen (reverse) TM. These Alexander Coppel/Alcoso trademarks are illustrated on pages 105-106 of The Sword And Knife Makers Of Germany 1850-2000 Volume 1 by the late Anthony Carter who states that, “Police bayonets made during the Weimar period were often stamped with the firm’s full name and the A C S trademark.” Nickel-plated hilt fittings show superb detail to eagle head pommel and oak leaf embellished crossguard with minor wear to highlights and some surface depressions to the upper hilt but, no lifting or loss of plating. Reverse crossguard is stamped, “S. H. 808″ (Schutzpolizei/Municipal Police Property, administrative district Hannover, weapon number 808″. Dark brown stag horn grip plates show light surface wear but, no cracks or chips, and with the Third Reich Police eagle properly pinned to the obverse plate. The extra holes at the lower edge of the plates, caused when the grip was cut down during the refurbishing, have been filled with a brown paste material closely matching the color of the staghorn. Plated blade measuring 32.9cm in length grades EX+/EX++ showing light surface wear/runner marks and some minor surface speckling but, no lifting or pitting, and no nicks to cutting edge. Spine of blade is Waffen-Amt marked with a ” * over B “, and blade is complete with black leather buffer pad. Black leather over metal base scabbard shows light surface wear with a small depression to the center obverse but, no rips, tears, or damage to the reverse stitching. Nickel-plated scabbard fittings show light surface wear with a minor depression to the obverse lower fitting but, no depressions to the lower ball and are complete with both retaining staples. The reverse upper fitting is stamped, “S. H. 7 7 8” and was no doubt mismatched during the refurbishing. The black leather, four rivet, triple-stitched frog grades EX showing surface wear/minor cracking primarily adjacent to the lug hole but, no rips or tears and no damage to the stitching or rivets. The upper reverse is stamped with an unidentifiable maker mark and dated, “1940”. Nice Municipal Police Bayonet with double-trademark and frog. EX+ (26726) $850.00 SOLD