Luftwaffe Sword w/Hanger (#28511)


Maker: Paul Weyersberg, SOLINGEN with sword and wreath in double oval and Waffenamt.; Condition: Near MINT; CONSIGNMENT; HOLD

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PAUL WEYERSBERG, SOLINGEN with sword and wreath in double oval and waffenamt. Frosted aluminum hilt fittings show almost NO wear to pommel and crossguard, with 100% the gold wash remaining on pommel and crossguard swastikas. Blue leather grip shows almost NO wear and NO /scuffs to obverse/reverse and is complete with tight double aluminum wire wrap. Plated blade grades near MINT showing almost NO surface wear/runner marks and no pitting or nicks to cutting edges. However, this “veteran bring back” specimen does have vey light coat of hardened cosmoline throughout the entire surface of the blade. Dent-free, blue leather scabbard shows NO scuffing and no rips, tears or damage to seam of the blue leather which matches the grip leather perfectly. Dent-free, upper and lower aluminum scabbard fittings grade EX++ showing only minor surface wear/age, and are complete with all four, undamaged retaining screws. Sword is complete with leather hanger with clip. Aluminum clip marked D.R.G.M and reverse of leather has inked stamped faded, maker – mark crest. Rare Luftwaffe accessory shows very minor age and almost no wear. Aluminum pebbled fittings show almost 95 % of their silver wash and no damage or wear. Hanger is complete with matching belt – loop. Near MINT (28511) CONSIGNMENT HOLD

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Dimensions 48 × 6 × 6 in