Non-German Edged Weapons

M-1934 French Air Force Officer’s Dagger (#26137)


Maker: P.FOURY 70R.LAFAYETTE PARIS DEPOSE stamped TM.; Condition: EX+; Consignment

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P.FOURY 70R.LAFAYETTE PARIS DEPOSE (the only official supplier) stamped TM.  Information and photographs of this pattern French dagger can be found on pages 106 – 110, of World Of Dress Daggers 1900-1945 by Robert J Berger.  Gilded brass, rectangular hilt fittings show surface wear/age to the upper and lower end caps, flat rectangular pommel cap and straight crossguard. The early pattern lower end cap is without a wire portepee ring which was not adopted until 13 March 1936. Medium yellow (possibly aged white) rectangular celluloid grip shows minor surface wear/age, but no cracks or chips. Plain, plated, double edged, diamond cross section blade grades EX/EX+ showing surface wear/runner marks and gray speckling/lifting to center ridge and edges, but no nicks.  Obverse blade ricasso is stamped, “MEOE”. Blade is made without a spring steel tension clip to secure the blade in the scabbard, and is without a buffer pad. Black leather covered rectangular scabbard shows wear/age to leather with minor scuffing and wear to the stitched seam. Gilded brass, rectangular upper and lower scabbard fittings (the center fitting is missing) show surface wear/age with faint portions of factory lacquer remaining on upper fitting. The obverse upper fitting has one tiny “ping”  and  is complete with suspension ring.  EX+ (26137) Consignment