Miniature of the Sword Presented to Otto Von Bismarck for Unifying Germany (#29471)



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Well detailed miniature measuring 30 cm in scabbard.  Features a large basket hilt with a depiction of the Royal Prussian Crown on top of the hilt.  The basket hilt is comprised of a gilt depiction of Germania placing the Royal Crown on the Prussian eagle symbolizing the unification of the German States. The obverse and reverse blade feature blued panels with gilt inscriptions. The obverse inscription translates as, “You hold in your soul Germanys sword. You prove to the kingdom that you are worthy. You make all Germans an honorable band of people. Presented by the swordsmith of the Great Empire”. The reverse inscription translates as, “You bring the iron to a manly existence.  We give the weapon to the noble Army forged in iron, steel, and blood. Presented once again by the Great Empire”. The straight, dent-free nickel-plated scabbard features brass, floral-embellished throat, two suspension bands with rings and lower fitting and drag. Rare miniature in superb condition!