NPEA Graduation Student Dagger (#28342)


Maker:Type 1 KARL BURGSMULLER in an arch above BERLIN, CHARLOTTENBURG 5 Distributor Mark/TM.; Condition: EX++; SOLD

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Type 1 KARL BURGSMULLER in an arch above BERLIN, CHARLOTTENBURG 5 Distributor Mark/TM. This exact dagger is pictured in WAFFENLISTE PRESENTING NPEA DAGGERS OF THE THIRD REICH by Ron Weinand pages 40 and 41 and DIE DIENSTDOLCHE UND BLANKWAFFEN DER NSDAP UND DER HITLERJUGEND by Rolf Siegert pages 76 and 77. Nickel-silver crossguards show only faint surface wear/age and no damage with tang properly secured. Lower obverse crossguard is engraved “NPEA POTSDAM/NEUZELLE OSTERN 1937” with reverse stamped “P130”. The Neuzelle NPEA School was attached to the Potsdam NPEA School from 1934 to 1938 as a prepatory school for younger students and was a “feeder” school for Potsdam. Reddish-brown, fine-grained wooden grip shows only light wear but, two chips to wood along reverse upper and lower crossguard. Polished blade grades EX++ with minor surface wear/runner marks and some minor speckling but, no nicks and no damage to cutting edge. Crisp, deeply-etched motto, “Mehr sein als scheinen.” (Be More Than You Appear to Be) displays the correct standard “s” in the second and fourth word as illustrated on page 18 of the above Weinand reference. The
inscription features dark background frosting with contrasting open space to the left of each letter, and the blade is complete with a rust/brown felt buffer pad. Dent-free steel scabbard retains approximately 99.9% of the original olive drab enamel showing light surface wear to the undamaged lower ball and obverse frog stud. Dagger is complete with unmarked leather frog. EX++ (28342) SOLD