Portepee for Royal Bavarian Court Chamberlain’s Key (Kammerherrn Schussel) (30798)


Condition: MINT/Unissued  

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During the Imperial era, individuals serving as Chamberlains (officials) in royal court and households wore a ceremonial key on their uniform as a badge of office. They key was attached to, and suspended from, an elaborate woven bullion portepee. This portepee consists of a 32 point bright silver bullion star with a central motif of a matte gold bullion Royal Bavarian crown on a silver background within a high relief, embroidered silver bullion border. Attached to the lower edge of the star are two large, silver tassels (Quasten) with white silk backings and Bavarian light blue inserts. The reverse of the star is covered in heavy white paper and complete with a woven blue cord to attach the portepee to the uniform as well as a silver bullion loop from which the key was suspended. Included are two gold bullion buttons that were also used with the portepee. Shows no wear or age and grades MINT/Unissued and is complete with the original light blue, hinged, cardboard issue case/box, which shows minor wear/age. The family from whom this item was obtained from glued a paper tag on the exterior lid, which has not been removed because removal could damage the box.

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