Post War M-1842 Garde du Corps Miniature Helmet (23123)


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This perfectly-scaled and detailed miniature helmet was handmade in Germany by a master miniature craftsman who takes almost an entire month to produce one helmet.  Brass, M-1842 Cuirassier style helmet body with segmented “lobster tail” rear visor and Officer “stepped” front visor measures 6 1/8″ x 6 1/2″ and is complete with brass spike and nickel-plated spike column and base.  Silver plated “helmet plate” features an eight pointed Guard star with a black Prussian Eagle in the center surrounded by laurel leaves and the motto “Suum Cuique” (To Each His Own).  The helmet is complete with brass Officer style chin scales with a black/white Prussian cockade on the right.  Interior of helmet is complete with correct Officer pattern green painted front visor and black colored rear visor as well as black leather swearband.  Superb quality miniature early pattern Garde du Corps Helmet.  MINT


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