Presentation Subordinate Forestry Hirschfänger w/Portepee (#23343)


Carl Eickhorn, stamped squirrel holding sword TM.; Condition: EX+; HOLD

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Carl Eickhorn, stamped squirrel holding sword TM. An illustration of this pattern Hirschfänger appears in the Eickhorn Kundendienst as Nr. 1189, “Vorschriftsmässige Hirschfänger mit Hirschornschalen” (Regulation Hirschfänger with Stag Horn Grip).  Gilted aluminum hilt fittings show light surface wear/surface speckling and crazing to the plain hilt spine, unadorned knuckle-bow,  crossguard, and clamshell with fluted motif.  Dark brown stag horn grip plates are perfect with no cracks or chips and with all six bronze acorns without oak leaves present.  Plated double-etched blade grades EX+ showing light surface wear/runner marks and minor gray shadowing, but no nicks to the cutting edge and is complete with green felt blade buffer pad.  Etch pattern features scenes of Auerhahn, stag, doe, boar, hunting dogs and hunter as shown in the Kundendienst catalog.  Black leather scabbard shows light surface wear, but no rips, tears, creases, or damage to the reverse stitching.  Dent-free gilted brass hilt fittings show light surface wear with much factory gilting remaining  and are complete with retaining staples.  Reverse upper fitting is jeweler engraved in block letters with the presentation, “Heinr. Houbert Für treue Dienste gew.v.d. Bürg.Sch. Ges. Dortm.-Aplerbeck” (Heinrich Houbert for loyal service presented by the Burg shooting/hunting club Dortmund-Aperbeck). Hirschfänger is complete with an original green fabric portepee in excellent+ condition showing light wear to strap and acorn. EX+ (23343) Sold in trade w/Steward Wilson