Presentation Transitional SA Dagger w/Double Trademark w/Hanger (#25687)



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Stalking tiger over TIGER Solingen, RZM M7/68 (Lauterjung & Co., Tiger Stahlwaren-und Waffenfabrik) Double TM. Nickel-plated hilt fittings show light surface wear with minor speckling primarily to crossguards adjacent to grip, but no major lifting or pitting. Lower crossguard is unmarked as is correct for transitional and RZM SA daggers. Dark, reddish-brown, fine-grained wooden shows light surface wear, but no cracks or chips, and is complete with silver grip eagle and SA insert properly inset. Polished blade grades EX+, showing surface wear/runner marks with light gray shadowing/speckling primarily near obverse/reverse lower blade, but no pitting or nicks to cutting edges. Deeply etched motto retains 100% of the medium gray background frosting. Steel scabbard retains approximately 90% of the original chocolate brown enamel with a few spots of missing paint on obverse/reverse shell and one tiny depression to obverse center shell. Plated scabbard fittings show light surface wear with two tiny depressions to underside of lower ball, but no lifting or pitting, and are complete with undamaged screws. Obverse upper fitting is jeweler engraved with the presentation, “Von Deinen Komeraden Karl Harttig Sebnitz i. Sachsen 26.6.38.” (From Your Friend Karl Harttig Sebnitz in Saxony 26.6.38.). Sebnitz is located approximately 40km SE of Dresden and the SA unit would have been assigned to SA Gruppe Sachsen which was part or Obergruppe IV headquartered in Dresden. Brown leather hanger grades EX/EX+ showing light age/wear to leather with light age speckling to plated buckle and unmarked clip. Nice presentation transitional SA dagger with double TM. EX+. (25687)