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RAD Officer’s Dagger w/Hangers


maker: ALCOSO, SOLINGEN with scales TM.
item number:27929

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RAD Officer’s Dagger w/Hangers. ALCOSO, SOLINGEN with scales TM. Cleaned aluminum hilt fittings show light surface wear/age with some scratches to lower reverse crossguard. Off-white celluloid grip plates show light surface and no chips or damage. Plated blade grades EX showing light surface wear/runner marks and some areas of gray spotting primarily where runners have rested against the blade. Deeply-etched motto retains 98% of its light gray background frosting. Dent-free scabbard shows surface wear/age and some protective lacquer remaining to upper portion of scabbard. Dagger is complete with dark brown hangers which show age/wear and are complete with matching aluminum fittings and grade EX. EX+ (27929) $3,450.