RAD Officer’s Hewer w/Hangers (27506)


Maker:E & F Horster, Solingen etched TM.; Condition: EX+

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E&F HORSTER, SOLINGEN etched TM. Hilt fittings show surface wear/age and dark, uncleaned patination to eagle head pommel and crossguard. Off-white celluloid grip plates show light surface wear with one tiny chip to reverse upper portion and three spots of discoloration. Plated blade grades VG+ showing surface wear/runner marks and some areas of gray spotting, primarily where runners have rested against the blade. Deeply-etched motto retains 98% of its light gray background frosting. Dent-free scabbard shows surface wear/age and some small spots of original lacquer and uncleaned, dark age patination throughout. Dagger is complete with dark brown hangers which show light wear and age and are complete with matching aluminum fittings. EX+

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Weight 5.6 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 2 in