Rare Cased 3/4 Size 1st Model Navy Dagger (#14590)


Maker: WKC TM; Condition: EX++

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Rare Cased 3/4 Size 1st Model Navy Dagger. WKC TM. Blue leatherette case measures 10-1/2″ x 3 3 ½”. Has two locking brass clasps on the front to secure the case. Inside of the lid is an off-white satin which shows minor staining. Bottom is a blue velvet and is fitted for this rare dagger which was presented without scabbard, as the case is fitted only for the dagger itself. Dagger measures 9-1/4″ in length and features “flaming ball” pommel. Dark orange celluloid grip is perfect and is complete with double-twisted wire wrap. Blade is double-engraved and bears the stamped WKC knight head trademark. Engraved panels on both obverse and reverse are well defined with a floral motif. An example of this dagger can be found on page 59, right, of Collecting the Edged Weapons of Imperial Germany. The example is shown with a scabbard. Cased examples of this type dagger are extraordinarily rare!