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Rare Eickhorn Factory Box of 2nd Model Luftwaffe Test Grips (30620)



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This truly rare artifact is for the collector of Solingen dagger factory memorabilia. One of a kind, it was purchased directly from Herr Haeing, the Eickhorn production manager during one of Tom’s first trips to Solingen in the 1960s. Green cardboard carton is labeled on exterior “Griffmuster Offizierdolch Luftwaffe, 12 Januar 1937.” Carton contains sample 2nd Model Luftwaffe grips in orange, cream, and several very rare and interesting “marbleized” examples. A handwritten note on the side of the box indicates the grips are “not for sale and are to be retained by the factory”. While the box itself is in a deteriorated state, the grips are perfect. Quite the conversation piece for any collector of Solingen factory memorabilia!