RARE Presentation Höller Nr. 8 Lion Head Sword w/Eagle and Swastika on Backstrap & Sword Knot (#50073)


Maker: Höller, thermometer within double-oval TM; Condition: EX+/EX++

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Höller, thermometer within double-oval TM. An illustration of this RARE sword appears on page 11 of the 1941 WAFFEN – FABRIK F. W. Höller SOLINGEN Sales Catalog and is also pictured on page 91, of Swords of Germany 1900/1945 by John R. Angolia. Gilded brass hilt fittings show surface wear to the  highlights with much of the matte, honey-gold frosted fire gilding remaining in the recesses of the well-detailed lion head pommel with red glass eyes and oak-leaf embellished knuckle-bow with a central motif of an open-wing eagle/swastika. The unique obverse langet features a Tutonic sword pointing downward within a semi-circle of laurel leaves. Black celluloid grip shows minor surface wear/age with one tiny hairline crack on the lower obverse adjacent to the ferrule (covered by sword knot) but, no nicks and is complete with tight triple wire wrap. Plain plated blade measuring 33” in length grades EX++ showing faint runner marks, minor surface speckling and a few surface “pings” to the cutting edge but, no pitting or damage to the blade tip, and is complete with black leather buffer pad. The lower obverse blade is engraved in block letters with the presentation, “Die Unterführer vom Lehrgang Aug. Sept. 1936, Ihren Unteroffizier Willi Keiner zum 1. Oktober 1936.” (The subordinate Commander/leader of the August/September 1936 Course of Instruction Sergeant Willi Keiner on 01 October 1936). Apparently the engraver made an error while engraving the first “e” in  “Keiner” as there is a tiny spot of grinding and re-engraving of the first “e”. Dent-free steel scabbard retains approximately 98% of the original black enamel, showing minor age crazing/wear primarily to lower obverse scabbard shell and drag but, no major loss of paint. The original EX+ Officer’s sword knot with gray leather strap/aluminum bullion stripes and aluminum bullion slide/stem/crown and acorn shows  wear but, no rears or fraying. Nice presentation example of a RARE sword illustrated in the 1941 F. W, Höller Sales Catalog and more RARE than the famous Höller Nr. 21 sword. EX+/EX++

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Dimensions 48 × 6 × 6 in