Red Cross EM Hewer (29568)


No maker; Condition: EX++

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No maker.  Nickel-plated hilt fittings show minor surface age and minor gray speckling/oxidation to the obverse pommel and left crossguard quillon with excellent detail to the Red Cross emblem on the obverse langet.  Black bakelite grip plates are perfect with no cracks or chips.  Polished, double-sawtooth blade grades Near MINT showing only minor runner marks near tip, but no graying, pitting or nicks to cutting edge and no damage to the double-sawtooth spine. The obverse blade ricasso is stamped, “Ges.GesshutzI”, and blade is complete with black leather buffer pad.  Dent-free, steel scabbard retains approximately 9% of the black enamel showing specks of missing enamel to the reverse shell and to the suspension lug, but no crazing or oxidation. Dent-free nickel-plated scabbard fittings show only minor surface wear with unturned screws in the upper fitting.  EX++.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 6 × 6 in