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Reinhard Heydrich Death Mask SS Commemorative Deutsches Reich Stamp Sheet of 100 (#29178)


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Sheet of 100 stamps in the Protectorate’s currency, the Koruna, depicts the death mask of Reinhard Tristan Heydrich, the Reichsprotektor of Bohemia and Moravia. He was known to the Nazi party as the “martyr of Germany” and “the man with the iron heart.” Heydrich was considered second in importance to Heinrich Himmler. He was killed by Czechoslovakian patriots while vacationing with his wife in Prague. Shortly following his death, the Nazis exacted numerous acts of vengeance and retaliation for Heydrich’s death, resulting in over 2000 Czechoslovakian civilians murdered and the village of Lidice being razed to the ground. These stamps were sold with “value-added,” which means the cost of the stamps included some form of surcharge typically in the form of a charity; these proceeds may have been disseminated to Herr Heydrich’s widow and family. They were issued for sale on 28 May 1943, exactly one year following Heydrich’s assassination. An extremely rare full sheet.