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Royal Bulgarian Officer’s Air Force Dagger w/Damascus Blade and Hangers (#27522)


SOLD-No maker.; Condition: EX+/EX++

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No maker. Gilded brass hilt fittings show light surface wear/age patina, with excellent detail to the eagle head pommel with red glass eyes, floral motif backstrap with raised Bulgarian National crest featuring a crowned rampant lion, and crossguard featuring a feathered wing on each quillon. Obverse langet features a silver 8-cylinder radial aircraft engine and reverse langet features a blank shield. Black celluloid, double wire wrapped grip shows light surface wear but, no cracks or chips. Unmarked Damascus blade grades EX++ with no chips or damage along cutting edge. Dent-free, black steel scabbard grades EX++ with 95% of the original black enamel present and no damage or dents. Upper, center, and lower gilded brass scabbard fittings feature a floral design with twisted rope suspension bands on the upper and center fittings. Lower fitting features an eagle’s foot clutching a tiny silver ball. Dagger is complete with original hangers featuring gold colored bullion straps and black felt to the reverse. Fittings are gilded brass with rust to reverse fastening stud and strap eyelits. Overall, the hangers grade EX+/EX++. EX+/EX++. (27522) CONSIGNMENT