SA Honor Dagger #30136



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The SA Honor daggers were produced by the Eickhorn firm both with and without a linked chain hanger. Some specialists say the model without the chain hanger came first but JRB&M does not have any proof of that. Perhaps the fact that the popular Eickhorn Kundendienst would offer some credence to that theory. Experience would certainly dictate that the models with chain hangers are more common than those without. Also, Eickhorn produced SA Honor daggers with both Damasus and polished steel blades (refer to the SA section in the “Eickhorn Kundendienst””.


This dagger is a beautiful example of an original SA Honor dagger by Eickhorn. Crossguards feature the enhanced oak leaf designs which show only slight age with an excellent wood grip to metal crossguard fit.. The internal crossguards are stamped with matching numbers (“46”), which is a very desirable and seldom seen feature.  It is, indeed, rare to find matching numbers, even on original SA Honor and SA High Leader daggers. The grip eagle features the “high necked” eagle which is characteristic of the grip eagles on this model Honor dagger. The blade tang bears correct strong billet clamp marks (characteristic of drop forged blades which were used on Honor daggers), and it is stamped with the word “DAMAST” and the number “136”. The genuine Damascus steel blade features the typical “maiden hair” Damast pattern which is the correct pattern for SA Honor and SA High Leader dagger blades and has the raised gold motto “Alles fur Deutschland”. Scabbard shell on the dagger is covered with the correct fine grained factory brown leather. The leather correctly runs up to but not under the upper and lower scabbard fittings and appears to absolutely be the original leather. The Carl Eickhorn double-oval raised gold trademark is correct for an early production SA Honor or SA High Leader dagger. Rare opportunity to own one of the truly key Third Reich dress daggers! EX+.