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SS Officer’s Sword w/Etched Blade


maker: Two line E.F. Horster and Solingen TM
condition: EX
item number:27853

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SS Officer’s Sword w/Etched Blade. CONSIGNMENT Two line E.F. HORSTER and SOLINGEN TM. Nickel-plated hilt fittings show surface wear and speckling with loss of plating to pommel, D-pattern knuckle-bow/crossguard and oak-leaf/acorn ferrule. Underneath of crossguard is correctly SS proof marked. Ebony grip with silver wire wrap shows wear and exposed portions of lighter colored wood and SS runes are inset into grip and show only light wear. Etched, straight blade grades Near MINT and is complete with brown leather buffer pad. Obverse of blade features center panel flanked by Oak Leaves and the SS motto: “MEINE EHRE HEISST TREUE”, translated: “My Honor is my Loyalty”. Reverse blade features long panel with Oak Leaves. Dent-free steel scabbard retains 65% of the original black factory enamel showing much surface crazing and many areas of missing paint to the obverse/reverse shell. Dent-free, nickel-plated upper and lower scabbard fittings show surface wear with no lifting or damage. The scabbard throat is NOT SS proof marked. EX (27853) $9,450.00