Subordinate Forestry Hirschfänger w/Portepee (29693)


Maker: WKC knight’s helmet stamped TM; Condition: EX+/EX++ 

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WKC knight’s helmet stamped TM. An illustration of this pattern Hirschfänger appears in the WKC sales catalog as Nr. 94, “Glatter Hirschfänger für Untere Forstbeamte mit Hirschhornschalen” (Smooth Hirschfänger for Subordinate/Under Forestry Official with Stag Horn Grip Plates). Gilded brass hilt fittings show light surface wear/minor age patina primarily to the spine, and plain knuckle-bow, ferrule and crossguard with stag hoof quillon and fluted clamshell. Dark/medium brown stag horn grip plates are perfect with no cracks or chips and with nice age toning. Grip plates are complete with six gilted brass acorns without oak leaves showing light surface wear. Plated double-etched blade grades EX+/EX++ showing surface wear/runner marks and some gray speckling/shadowing primarily to blade spine, but no nicks to cutting edge. Blade etch features floral motif flanking a central panel containing hunting scenes of hounds and foxes on obverse and  stag and doe herd on reverse with 100% of the background frosting remaining. Blade is complete with tan leather blade buffer pad. Black leather scabbard shows minor wear/age with no rips or tears, and  no damage to the reverse stitching. Plain upper and lower gilded brass scabbard fittings show light wear/age patina and are marked beneath the reverse retaining staples, “21”. The aluminum bullion/green portepee grades EX+ showing minor wear/age, but no rips or tears. Nice original WKC Forestry Hirschfänger obtained in Germany. EX+/EX++.

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