Third Reich Army Dove Head Sword w/Unique Langets (#26805)


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Third Reich Army Dove Head Sword w/Unique Langets.No maker. Although unmarked, photographs of this pattern sword appear on page 124 of Swords of Germany 1900/1945 by John R. Angolia as Emil Voos model (unattributed). This sword features gold washed aluminum hilt fittings showing faint surface wear to the pommel with virtually 100% of the factory gold wash remaining on raised oak leaf embellished pommel/back-strap, ferrule, knuckle-bow and crossguard. The stylized obverse/reverse langets feature angled lower edges with a superbly detailed, closed-wing, Wehrmacht eagle on the obverse langet and tapered shield motif on the reverse langet. The black celluloid-over-wood grip is perfect with no cracks or chips and is complete with tight triple twisted wire wrap. The backstrap grip retaining bands match the angled shape of the langets. Plain, plated blade measuring 32 ¼” in length grades EX++ showing only minor surface wear/runner marks with no lifting, graying, or nicks to cutting edge, and is complete with black leather buffer pad. Dent-free, steel scabbard retains approximately 90% of the original black enamel showing minor surface scratches to obverse/reverse shell with loss of finish to the lower 4 ½” of the obverse/reverse shell possibly from storage damage. Nice Emil Voos pattern sword with unique langets. EX++ (26805) $785.00 HOLD

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