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Transitional Damascus Navy Dagger with Genuine Bone Grip (30695)


Maker: WKC; Condition: EX++

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Stamped “High-Neck” knight’s helmet (WKC) TM. This early Navy example was no doubt manufactured during the late Imperial period and later fitted with a 1938 replacement pommel which has been placed on this dagger backwards. Gilded brass pommel shows light surface wear to highlights, with much of the factory matte, honey-gold frosting remaining in recesses of the M-1938 eagle and swastika. The late Imperial, magnetic, gilded-steel crossguard shows light wear to highlights with much factory gilding remaining in the recesses of the large capstan style quillons and heavy quillon block with raised anchor motif. The genuine bone grip shows minor surface wear with nice age toning and one hairline crack running the length of the grip, but no chips or open cracks, and is complete with twisted wire wrap. The genuine Damascus “maiden-hair” pattern blade grades EX+ speckling and darkening throughout, but with the detail of the Damascus design detail to the Damascus pattern. The blade is complete with red felt buffer pad. As explained on page 54 of Collecting the Edged Weapons of Imperial Germany, “the ‘High-Neck’ Helmet is seen about 1912 and was used throughout the Weimar period.” The gilded-steel hammered scabbard with custom decorative oakleaf panels shows light surface wear primarily to the lower obverse, to include two indentations, with much gilding remaining. The scabbard throat is retained by two screws. The original to the piece silver bullion portepee grades EX showing some wear/age patina but in overall impressive condition given its age. Nice transitional piece with genuine maker-marked Damascus blade.

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