Ultra-Rare Damascus Imperial Army/Navy Presentation Sword w/Coat-0f-Arms (13109)


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“SOH” within a circle Damascus Smith TM.  This deluxe hilted Model 89 saber is truly a work-of-art showing the finest quality workmanship.  Pommel cap is deeply jeweler engraved with the family crest of the recipient and pictures a 7-point crown above a crest with 3 quarter moons enclosed.  Research reveals that this crest is attributed to the von Hansteins.  Further research reveals that a Frhr. von Hanstein was assigned to the 2nd Sea Battalion.  Upon reviewing information available in Auszienert “Unsere Marine”, it was discovered that the Officers of the 2nd Sea Battalion were presented with an Honor saber on 1 April 1914 by Prince Egan von Furstenverg.  This was presented in recognition of the 25th anniversary of the 2nd Sea Battalion on April 1, 1914.  This is obviously one of these RARE Honor sabers.  highly ornate, stationary knuckle-bow has the eagle, crown and cypher for Wilhelm II.  This is also found on the obverse sharkskin-wrapped grip.  This highly ornate deluxe pommel area features the eagle with swords and flags behind him.  In his talons are a drum and cannon.  The upper portion of the lower crossguard features a raised royal crown and a Naval fouled anchor surrounded by an oak leaf and acorn motif.   The highly chiseled hilt and pommel area of this sword is either equal to or exceeds the quality found on any that are shown in Vol I of “Collecting the Edged Weapons of Imperial Germany”.  Leather finger strap is complete intact.  Attached to the hilt section is the original Imperial Naval sword portepee in correct “tie”.  It is interesting to note that this sword knot had to be applied prior to the finishing of the sword as it passes around the upper hilt and through the hole in the actual knuckle bow and could not have been added after the sword was assembled.  The knot is beautifully toned and in perfect condition.  There is one slight crack to the ornate brass backstrap, but it does seem to have been professionally repaired.  In fact, it is so well done that it is almost impossible to catch your finger in the small crack because of the way it has been silver soldered.  Is it possible that this crack in the hilt was intentionally made in order to tie on the portepee in the manner in which it was tied (prior to assembly)?  Sword was examined at least 5 or 6 times by experienced edged weapon experts who never even spotted this repair.  Certainly, not anything that would affect the value of this sword.  Beautiful “maiden-hair” Damascus blade is in MINT condition showing the finest quality workmanship with a ribbon on each side of the upper blade with “Damaststahl” within the ribbon.  On the upper spine of the blade are two stamped crown proofing’s.  Has its felt buffer pad intact.  Black scabbard retains around 95% of its paint.  Has the one carrying ring near the top.  Attached to the carrying ring is its original hanger, which is a braided leather Naval carrying strap with 2 brass hooks attached to the single ring.  Has its safety hook present.  Piece comes complete with copies of our research documents.  Museum quality!  Choice!   Exc ++

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