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Various Third Reich Period Postcards


All Third Reich black and white period postcards are in MINT, unissued condition. These postcards were found in a stationary store in 1952 in Solingen. A knife maker had bought all of the bookcases and shelving from the stationary store, as it was going out of business. This box of postcards was found when they were removing the bookcases. The postcards were stored at that time and forgotten until this past year when they were rediscovered.

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  • (B) Pair of JU 88, Junckers in flight. $ 15.@
  • (C) Focke-Wulf, FW 200-C condor in flight. $15.@
  • (D) Junckers JU 86 in flight. $ 15.@
  • (F) Berlin-Unter den Linden by night with columns and eagles. $ 15.@
  • (H) Berlin Wachtparade showing a marching band with Schellenbaum. $ 15.@
  • (I) Berlin Ost-West Achse showing large banners with swastikas. $ 15.@
  • (K) Berlin Reichskanzlei (Ehrenhof) showing large eagle with swastika over door $15.@
  • (M) Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering wearing the Grand Cross of the Knights Corss, WWI Pour le Merite, adn a 2nd model Luftwaffe General Officer Sword and holding his one-of-a-kin Reichsmarschall baton. $50.
  • (N) Oberst Molders wearing fleece-lined flight jacket, visor cap and the $ 45.@ Knight’s Cross with oak leaves and swords.