1st Model Navy Dagger, Third Reich Navy Sword, and Photo Album (27274)


Maker: F. W. Holler (thermometer) TM; Condition: EX+

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Herr Nitschke served in both the Reichsmarine and Kriegsmarine, first as an enlisted man and later as an Officer.  After the re-establishment of the German Armed Forces in 1956, Herr Nitschke served in the Bundesmarine.  The items listed below would provide an excellent opportunity for further research.

1st/2nd Model Navy Dagger.  F. W. Holler (thermometer) TM.  This textbook Holler example was obtained complete with the 1929 pattern “flaming ball” pommel as well as the eagle and swastika pommel, which was adopted in 1938.  Gilted brass hilt fittings show light surface wear with traces of gilting remaining in the recesses of both pommels as well as the crossguard with extended Holler style “buttons” on the ends of the quillons.  Orange, celluloid grip is perfect with no cracks or chips and is aged from dark orange on the obverse to a slightly lighter color on the reverse.  Plated, double-etched blade grades excellent+/excellent++ showing only light surface wear/runner marks and is complete with red leather blade buffer pad.  Deeply etched, fouled anchor and sailing ship motif, as it appears in the 1941 Holler catalog, retains 100% of its light gray background frosting.  Dent-free, gilted brass scabbard shows surface wear with traces of gilting remaining in the recesses of the lightening bolt motif.  Oak leaf scabbard bands feature straight borders which are characteristic of Holler production scabbards.  Dagger is complete with a heavily patinated silver bullion portepee tied in the correct “reef” knot, Near MINT hangers and blue webbed, under-the-tunic waist belt.  Beautiful combination with both pattern pommels.  Exc+/Exc++

Third Reich Navy Sword.  No maker.  Although unmarked, based upon the configuration of the lion head, flowing mane motif on backstrap and shape of the obverse folding handguard, this sword was most likely produced by the E. & F. Hörster (see page 164, upper, of Swords of Germany 1900-1945 by John R. Angolia).  Cast brass hilt fittings show light surface wear and excellent detail to lion head pommel without glass eyes, knuckle-bow and folding handguard.  The reverse locking flange is stamped with the property control number, “O836” indicating the sword was the property of the Ostsee Depot at Kiel.  The underside of the crossguard is stamped with the early Navy Ordinance Mark of a stylized, closed-wing eagle over a gothic “M”.  Off-white celluloid grip is perfect with no cracks or chips and with tight, thin gilt wire wrap present.  Plain, polished steel blade measuring 30 ¼” in length grades excellent+/excellent++ showing only light surface wear with no nicks or pitting and is complete with red felt blade buffer pad.  Black leather scabbard shows only light surface wear with no rips, tears or creases and no damage to the reverse stitching.  Brass fittings show light surface wear and age patina with a matching “O836” Property Control Number on reverse upper fitting and with a matching Ordnance Mark on the reverse drag.  Nice, textbook, Depot property marked example.  Exc+/Exc++

Large Service Photograph Album.    As a young 19 year old sailor (Obmatrose), Herr Nitschke was a member of the ship’s company of the cruiser Karlsruhe during a cruise to the Azores, Bermuda, the West Indies, North America, Hawaii and South America.  This large 11” x 16 ½” blue leatherette photo album documents the cruise with 93 pages of photographs taken during the 1931 cruise.  Included are photographs of Seattle, Alaska and Hawaii, as well as other cities in both North and South America.  Accompanying the album is a large matted photograph of the training ship, “Horst Wesel”, as well as studio portraits of Nitschke as a Bootsmann in 1937, and as a Leutnant in July 1940.EX+

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