Army Dagger w/Portepee and Hangers (#29143)



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F.W. HOLLER, SOLINGEN in double oval with thermometer TM. Silver-plated hilt fittings show almost no wear/age patina to well detailed oak leaf embellished pommel, ferrule and crossguard with well-detailed eagle. Orange, solid celluloid grip shows almost no surface wear and NO cracks to obverse/reverse. Polished blade grades near MINT showing light runner marks and no nicks to cutting edges or damage to blade tip and is complete with tan leather buffer pad. Silver-plated scabbard shows almost no wear with nicely detailed pebbled panels and oak leaf suspension bands. Dagger is complete with standard hangers marked D.R.G.M. to lower clips and under – the – tunic clip. Portepee is correctly tied to hilt and shows little wear/age.