Army Officer Dagger w/Dark Orange Grip, Voos Pattern Double-Etched Blade and Hangers (28674)


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No maker. Although the blade is unmarked, the quality and style of the etch are, unmistakably, Emil Voos. Uncleaned celluloid is perfect with no cracks or chips and nicely age toned. Plated blade grades EX+ showing light surface wear/runner marks with lifting to plating on obverse and reverse tip. Blade features all of the textbook characteristics associated with Voos produced double-etched blades; impressive etch motifs, contrasting frosted panels, Army style eagle with oak leaf sprig beneath each wing and heavy nickel-plating. The blade also features the two extra “dribbles” at the lower end of the etch as found on the “no maker” Voos produced blades. Dent-free, silver-plated scabbard shows excellent detail to pebbling, with light age patina and no lifting, but is missing one of the side mounted, dome-head scabbard throat retaining screws. Examples of Voos produced double-etched blades can be found on pages 131-136 of “Exploring The Dress Daggers of the German Army” by Thomas T. Wittmann. Nice Army dagger with Voos quality double-etched blade. EX+/EX++    Army hangers showing no unraveling or missing stitching and with green felt backing in EXC++ condition.

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Dimensions 22 × 6 × 6 in