Army “Scharnhorst” Field Marshal Series Sword w/Factory Control Tag (27461)


Maker:Original Eickhorn, Solingen “over the shoulder” stamped TM; Condition: EX++

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ORIGINAL EICKHORN, SOLINGEN “over the shoulder” stamped TM. Model number 1706 “Scharnhorst” Eickhorn pattern sword with leopard head pommel shows age from storage only and minor darkening to gilded hilt fittings. 99.9% of factory gilding remains to the superbly detailed, panther head pommel with red glass eyes, and raised oak leaf embellished knuckle-bow, backstrap, ferrule and crossguard. Langet has Wehrmacht style national emblem which has been heavily period enhanced. Black celluloid grip shows no surface wear with no cracks or chips and with triple twisted silver wire wrap present. Plain, plated blade grades MINT showing no nicks or cuts. Blade is complete with brown leather blade buffer pad and steel scabbard showing two very minor storage dents toward the bottom and retains approximately 99%% of the period black enamel showing loss of paint on carrying ring. Sword is complete with damaged Eickhorn factory tag with broken string and lacking the paper insert. EX++.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 6 × 6 in