RARE Deluxe Imperial Mining Official’s Sword (29661)


No maker; Condition: EX+

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No maker. Distributor marked F.W.Pfeiffer Solingen  two-line inscription. Although unmarked an illustration of this sword appears on page 97, right of the 1908 Musterbuch der Waffenfabrik Carl Eickhorn Solingen as Model Nr. 796.  Gilded brass, dove head pattern hilt fittings show faint surface wear to the pommel only with virtually 100% gilding remaining on the bright highlights and matte gold finish in the background of the heavily chased oak leaf and floral motif on the pommel, backstrap, ferrule and knuckle-bow.crossguard.  The center knuckle-bow features a raised Prussian eagle above a miner’s crossed hammer and mallet motif. Black, rayskin grip is perfect with no wear, rips or tears or loss of color and is complete with tight, triple twisted, silver wire wrap.  Plated blade measuring 34 1/8” in length grades EX/EX+ showing light speckling along the cutting edge and spine, but no major pitting or nicks to cutting edge and is complete with red felt blade buffer pad. Double-etched blade features 14” long etched panels with floral motif on both obverse and reverse. The obverse blade features the central inscription, “Glück Auf” (Good Luck). Dent-free, nickel-plated scabbard shell shows uniform age speckling no major loss of plating, Dent-free, upper, center and lower gilded brass, deluxe fittings show minor wear to gilding and are complete with undamaged retaining screws. All three fittings feature engraved floral motifs on the obverse with engraved miner’s hammer and mallet on the upper fitting. RARE deluxe sword with superb gilding to hilt fittings. EX+.

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