Cased Imperial Army Epaulettes (20111)


Case maker-marked “Deutscher Offizier=Verein=Berlin”; Condition: Near MINT

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Epaulettes are for Leutnant assigned to Prussian Fussartillerie-Regiment General-Feldzeugmeister (Brandenburgisches) Nr. 3 garrisoned at Mainz. Epaulettes are constructed of white felt (upper side) and red felt (underside), with the shoulder strap edged in silver/black bullion braid with gilt metal crescent at sleeve end. Inside sleeve end oval area is gilt number “3.” Epualettes come complete in their original dark green leatherette “figure 8” shaped case with blue cardboard lining. Inside of lid is maker marked, “Deutscher Offizier=Verein=Berlin.” White felt shows only minor age speckling with no moth damage. Beautiful set of epaulettes in original case. Near MINT

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Dimensions 14 × 10 × 4 in