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Communist Rumanian Army Officer Dagger w/Hangers (14993)


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No maker.  An example of this rare dagger can be seen on page 35 of “A Guide to Military Dress Daggers”, Vol I by Kurt Glemser.  This dagger features a mother-of-pearl grip which is in very nice condition.  Plain crossguard has up-and-down turned quillions.  Blade grades excellent ++ and is deeply stamped with the issue number “23966”.  Scabbard body is a gilted brass and features two bands which are oak leaf embellished.  In the center of the two bands on both obverse and reverse is the Communist Romanian coat of arms with a stippled background and raised border.  Scabbard grades excellent +/++.  Dagger is complete with rare set of fabric hangers with gilted oval buckles which feature the Romanian crest.  Fabric hangers have a yellow cloth facing with a red line running down the center bordered by two blue lines.  Clips and upper fittings are brass.  Backing is cream-colored silk.  Complete with black buffer pad.  Nice combination!


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