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M-1935 Austrian Air Force Dagger (#30929)


Maker: Zeitner, Wien VIII; Condition: EX++

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Zeitner, Wien VIII TM. An example of this rare dagger is shown on pages 17 & 18 of World of Dress Daggers 1900-1945 by Robert J. Berger. Chrome-plated hilt fittings show light surface wear/age patina to the pommel in the form of a stylized crown of Rudolf II, and a crossguard of stylized wings with a central undamaged enamel white triangle on red background insignia of the Austrian Air Force. Underside of the right quillon is equipped with a small hook to hold the portepee in place. White enamel over wood grip shows light surface wear/minor scratches, but no chips or loss of enamel. Plated cross diamond-section blade grades EX+/EX++ showing minor surface wear with /age residue near the crossguard but no nicks to the cutting edges. Chrome- plated scabbard shows light surface wear with portions of yellowed factory lacquer remaining, and a faint depression on the center obverse. Scabbard is complete with two integral scabbard bands/rings with a vertical propeller in the center.