Double-Etched K-98 Infantry Bayonet (32001)


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Double-etched K-98 Infantry bayonet by F.W. Herder. What makes the Third Reich Army etched bayonet is the fact of the proof of the original owner/wearer. We, at JRB&M, have sold, literally hundreds of K-98 etched bayonets, but we do not recall offering even one where we knew who the original owner/wearer happened to be. The  individual who wore this particular etched bayonet during the Third Reich era was Alwin Ertz. Alwin served as a member of Infantry Regiment Number 105, headquartered in Trier, Germany. The obverse blade of Alwin’s bayonet is etched (translated) “In remembrance of my service time in Infantry Regiment Number 105. Trier”, flanked by Army eagles/swastikas. The reverse blade etching features a combat scene of infantry troops, a water-cooled machinegun, and an Anti-tank weapon, again flanked by Army eagles/swastikas. When young Alwin fell in battle his father, Anton Ertz, received along with his son’s death notice from the Wehrmeldeamt in Trier the following items: Alwin’s Army bayonet, his personal Wehrpass complete with a clear photograph, his infantry badge and Iron Cross 2nd class. The entire konvolute (grouping) is being offered by JRB&M.  EX+

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