Early Model Hunting Association Dagger (31033)


Maker: Eickhorn; Condition: EX+; CONSIGNMENT

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Carl Eickhorn “Back to Back” Squirrel TM. Identical to the hunting dagger pictured on page 153 (top) of LTC (Ret.) Thomas Johnson’s Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich, Volume IV, except this dagger is complete with the elusive matching “Nickmesser” (skinning knife). Brass hilt fittings show light wear and reflect a beautiful dark, consistent patina throughout the hilt/spine, knuckle-bow/crossguard, deer hoof quillon and to the clamshell. Beautiful stag grip grades EX++ and is complete with three patinaed brass acorns. Double-etched blade grades EX- showing much wear and fading to etch, but no sharpening and no nicks to cutting edge. Black leather scabbard shows light wear with only signs of scuffing and no bends or tearing to seams. Upper and lower scabbard fittings reflect a beautiful patina consistent with the hilt, and retention staples are intact. Scabbard contains its original skinning knife (very rare to find) with EX++ condition stag grip and VG condition blade showing significant graying and nicks to the cutting edge. CONSIGNMENT

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