Imperial Edged Weapons

Early Silver Imperial Hunting Hirschfänger (30878)


No maker mark; Condition: EX+

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No Maker. Heavy silver-plated, cast hilt fittings show minor surface wear to the highlights of the ornate pommel cap with hand enhanced floral design on outer edge, ferrule and crossguard with matching design on ornate quillon block, quillons and scalloped clamshell. Dark brown stag horn grip without grip acorns is perfect with no cracks or chips. Heavy, double-etched blade  with a 5 ¼” long false  edge, measuring 19 ½” long, 1 3/16” wide and ¼” thick at the upper edge, grades EX+/EX++ with light surface wear/runner marks, minor gray spotting/shadowing, but no nicks to the cutting edge. Obverse and reverse blade feature 12 ¾” long lightly etched panels with floral motif, and blade is complete with green felt buffer pad. Black leather scabbard shows minor surface wear/age crazing but no rips, tears or creases, and no damage to the reverse stitching. Dent-free, deluxe, silver-plated, scabbard fittings show light surface wear/age patina with a frog lug on the upper fitting which is formed to accept a skinning knife which has been lost to time.   Obverse upper fitting features incised floral leaf borders on the upper portion above a hand enhanced floral design matching the hilt motif lower portion. The lower obverse fitting features a matching floral motif above a hand chiseled acanthus leaf motif.

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