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Royal Prussian Forestry Hirschfänger w/Bone Grip & Skinning Knife (29638)


Maker: Side-by-side Kings’s head & Knight’s helmet above W. K. & C. TM; Condition: EX+

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Side-by-side Kings’s head & Knight’s helmet above W. K. & C. TM. An illustration of a similar pattern Hirschfänger appears in the Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Cie sales catalog as No. 102, “Oberförster –  Hirschfänger”. Gilded brass hilt fittings show light surface wear/age to the plain hilt/spine, unadorned knuckle-bow, crossguard with ball-style quillon and fluted clamshell. Genuine bone grip plates, with nice age toning show minor surface scratches , but no cracks or chips and are complete with all six gilded brass, dome-head, retaining studs. Plain, polished single-fuller, blade measuring 15 ¾” in length grades EX++ showing  light surface wear/runner marks and uniform gray shadowing to obverse and reverse, but no nicks to the cutting edge and is complete with black leather blade buffer pad. The black leather scabbard shows light surface wear/age with no rips, tears or damage to the reverse stitching. Brass upper and lower fittings show light age patina with a few faint depressions to the reverse fittings. The upper fitting is fitted with a skinning knife with bone grip and 3 ¾” long plain steel blade marked “Schneidteufel Solingen”. The bone grip shows age toning, but no cracks or chips and is complete with four brass retaining studs while the blade shows light age speckling, but no nicks to cutting edge. EX+.

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