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Feldherrnhalle Dagger (#29841)  


Maker: Carl Eickhorn; Condition: EX+. CONSIGNMENT

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After a well-deserved pause for the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays, JRB&M is back with our first website update of 2017 and we are offering as a consignment the rarest standard Third Reich dagger model in existence- the elusive SA Feldherrnhalle (Elite Security Force Dagger). See pages 46 and 47 of my Volume I of Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich.

Designed by master artist Paul Casberg this dagger was manufactured by the Carl Eickhorn factory in Solingen, stamped with a “squirrel holding sword” trademark. All parts of the dagger being offered, except the blade, have the unique stamped number “63”. At the moment this appears to be the highest known number encountered on a Feldherrnhalle dagger. This example features aluminum hilt fittings which show surface wear. The obverse of the lower crossguard bears the large SA signet. A reddish-brown wooden grip shows only light surface wear with no cracks or chips. This model dagger was originally issued with both wood and bakelite grips. The polished blade grades EX/EX+ showing some surface wear/runner marks, light gray shadowing, and bears the Eickhorn “squirrel holding sword” logo and SA motto “Alles für Deutschland”. The Feldherrnhalle was manufactured solely by the Carl Eickhorn firm. The scabbard is made of high quality aluminum and has a flaw resulting from a die-cutting error in that the lines forming the borders to the pebbled panels towards the bottom of the scabbard do not meet at their apex. This is the unique opportunity to buy a 100% original and ultra rare Feldherrnhalle dagger that will definitely become the highlight of your collection.

We hasten to add that this is the first SA Feldherrnhalle dagger that we have had available at JRB&M to offer in the past several years! EX+. CONSIGNMENT