Generalfeldmarschall Werner von Blomberg Personalized Third Reich Lion Head Sword (#24659)


Maker: Alcoso, ACS, scales TM; Condition: Near MINT; Consignment

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Alcoso, ACS, scales TM. After service in the Imperial German Army and Reichsheer, Werner von Blomberg was promoted to the rank of Generalfeldmarschall on Hitler’s birthday, 20 April 1936. On 13 March 1937, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of his military service, the Army presented to Generalfeldmarschall with a custom-made Honor Sword with Damascus blade made by the Alcoso firm (see pages 207 – 216 of Volume VI of Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich for a description and photographs of this Honor Sword). The sword was similar to the Alcoso pattern “Offiziersabel Nr. 120”, but with an elongated jaw on the panther head pommel. Apparently, at the same time the Honor Sword was produced, this duplicate sword, without Damascus blade and Generalfeldmarschall batons on the reverse langet, was also produced. This was probably done to provide a lighter and less expensive sword for day-to-day wear, as with the duplicate Göring Wedding Sword. The Honor Sword, this duplicate sword, as well as an additional sword and a model of the German battleship “Scharnhorst” were given to U.S. Army Medical Doctor, Captain Henry H. Bryant, by Frau von Blomberg in August 1946, and were subsequently shipped back to the United States. For many years, these artifacts were displayed in Dr. Bryant’s medical offices until they were sold by him at a Florida gun show in 1991. A complete file, with photographs, accompanies this duplicate sword. Also included in the file is the 5 March 1937 edition of the magazine, “Die Wehrmacht”, (also from Frau Blomberg to Dr. Bryant) containing an article and photographs commemorating Generalfeldmarschall von Blomberg’s 40 years as a soldier. Included in the documentation for this grouping are both a signed photograph and a signed document by General Blomberg.

The gold-plate-over-brass, panther head hilt is a slightly smaller duplicate of the Honor Sword hilt, with the exception of the aforementioned Generalfeldmarschall batons on the reverse langet. The hilt shows virtually no wear to the gilting on the panther head pommel with elongated jaw and red glass eyes, heavily chiseled oak leaf embellished backstrap and knuckle-bow, and crossguard with open wing eagle on obverse langet. Reverse langet is jeweler engraved with von Blomberg’s initials in monogram form. Black celluloid grip with tight twisted triple wire wrap is perfect with on cracks, chips, or damage. Plated double-etched blade measuring 35 7/8″ in length grades Near MINT showing only minor surface wear/runner marks, and is complete with black leather blade buffer pad. Both obverse and reverse blade are etched with12 ½” long panels featuring a floral motif flanking a center etch of military equipment, to include swords, flags, lances, and crossed cannon barrels with 100% of the gray background frosting remaining in both etched panels. Steel scabbard retains 100% of the professionally repainted black enamel, with a few faint depressions on the lower reverse. Jeweler engraved on the upper reverse, between the scabbard throat and the suspension band, is the inscription, “W. v. Blomberg 13.3.1937”. This is the date General Feldmarschall von Blomberg was obviously presented both of his personalized Army sabers. Attached to the sword hilt is the Officer sword knot that is original to this piece. Outstanding, documented, one-of-a-kind, personalized sword presented to the first officer promoted to the rank of Generalfeldmarschall during the Third Reich. Museum quality! Near MINT (24659) Consignment

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