Hitler Youth Leader Dagger (30864)


Maker: RZM M7/36 (E. & F. Hörster); Condition: EX+

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RZM M7/36 (E. & F. Hörster) TM. Silver-plated hilt fittings show light surface wear/dark age patina to well-detailed pommel cap as well as crossguard with rope pattern border, which retains much of the yellowed factory lacquer on upper and lower crossguards surfaces. Tightly wrapped, twisted silver wire shows age patina with no damage or missing strands of wire. Plated blade grades VG+ showing light runner marks, graying, and much speckling, but no pitting or nicks to cutting edge. Deeply etched HJ motto retains 98% of the light gray background frosting. Dent-free scabbard shows light surface wear, but no missing leather.   Silver-plated scabbard fittings show light surface wear with dark age patina matching the patina on the hilt fittings. Hitler Youth pattern eagle on upper obverse fitting shows superb detail. A very rare dagger in fine condition!

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Dimensions 22 × 6 × 6 in