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Imperial IOD 89 Triple Etched Presentation Sword (28742)


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Early WK & C trademark with king’s head and armored knight’s torso TM. Gilded brass, deluxe hilt fittings show light surface wear to highlights with most of the matte factory gilding remaining to pommel, ferrule, knuckle-bow and handguard with Imperial crown and “WR II ” cipher.  Fittings feature heavily chiseled pommel with oak leaf embellished knuckle-bow and non-folding handguard. Black shark skin grip shows almost no wear and and is complete with twisted triple silver wire wrap.  Straight, plated, double-fullered, double-etched blade shows almost NO wear/runner marks and grades MINT. Both obverse and reverse blade feature long panels with raised floral motif and frosted back – ground. Obverse blade features raised gothic letter inscription, “LEUTNANT HAUPT s/l. DR CHARLES STRATMANN, ZUR ERINNERRUNG: Lieutenant Haupt in Heart Felt Comaraderie Doctor Charles Stratmann, in memory. Spine of sword is also etched with floral motif. Early pattern, unmodified (two carrying rings) nickel silver scabbard shows no damage or dents and grades near MINT. Near MINT.

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Dimensions 48 × 6 × 6 in