Royal Bavarian Civil Official’s Court Degen w/Blued/Gilded Etched Blade w/Retailer Marked Scabbard (27030)


No maker; Condition: EX++/Near MINT

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No maker.  An illustration of this pattern sword appears in the 1908, 25th Anniversersary, “Musterbuch der Waffenfabrik Carl Eickhorn Solingen”  as pattern Nr. 377 “Bayerischer Zivilbeamten-Degen” (Bavarian Civil Official’s-Sword). Uncleaned, heavily chiseled, gilded hilt fittings retain virtually 100% of the factory lacquer on the highlights and matte gold frosting in the recesses of the lion head pommel, floral embellished spine, and flat knuckle-bow with a central lion’s head motif. The crossguard “D” pattern clamshell features lion’s heads on the upturned ends with a resting lion inside a floral and oak leaf border on the center obverse.  Genuine mother-of-pearl grip plates are perfect with no cracks or chips with a gold oval starburst with a raised Royal Bavarian crown above an “L” cipher for King Ludwig pinned to the obverse plate. Two of the tips of the star burst are missing on the left side of the starburst.  Delicate, straight, double-edged blade  measuring 31 ½” in length grades Near MINT with light surface runner marks on the obverse/reverse and minor gray speckling, but no lifting or nicks to cutting edges, and is complete with original red felt blade buffer pad.  Both obverse and reverse blade feature blued ricassos, 14” long blued panels with blued and gilded etched panels with floral and military motifs of crossed cannon barrels, and military flags. The panels show minor wear to the bluing but, no major loss of factory finish. Delicate black leather scabbard shows minor surface wear to smooth leather, but no  rips, tears, or damage to the reverse stitching.  Dent-free, silver upper and lower gold scabbard fittings retain 100% of the factory lacquer matching the hilt fittings and are secured without retaining staples. The obverse upper fitting is complete with a suspension lug with floral motif and is retailer marked on the reverse, “G. Franz in Würzburg” in scrip letters. Superb Royal Bavarian Court Degen obtained in Germany. EX++/Near MINT.

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