Leather Bayonet Frog


Smooth leather frogs to fit Army/Navy (black leather) and Luftwaffe (brown leather) bayonets. Frogs are available to fit the following bayonets:

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A. Dress (KS/98) Bayonet Frog. NONE PRESENTLY AVAILABLE 

B. Combat (84/98) Bayonet Frog. 

  • Exc++ (Brown leather, double-stitched construction, minor wear) (22002) $85.
  • Exc/Exc+ (Black, triple stitched. 4-rivet construction w/suface wear/age and one nail hole in upper belt loop,but nor rips or tears) (23766) $70.
  • Exc. (Black, double-stitched/4-rivet construction w/surface wear/crazing but no rips or tears, reverse marked, “376”) (23266) $70.
  • Exc+ (Brown, Luftwaffe, 4-rivet construction, light wear to unmarked, rough-out leather) (23157) $70.
  • VG/VG+ (Black double-stitched 4-rivet construction w/wear to leather, missing 2 rivets) (22237) $40.